PQA Mission

PQA is dedicated to supporting individuals in being themselves, becoming a part of a community and in being healthy, safe, and whole.

In support of this mission, PQA will promote:

  • Person Centeredness and the individual needs and preferences of the people we serve,

  • Advocacy on behalf of each person served while teaching them to advocate for themselves,

  • Individual learning through success and failures (afford individuals the dignity of risk),

  • Recognizing the inherent value of every individual we serve,

  • Community inclusion and integration, the fulfilling of multiple social roles, and the growth of social capital,

  • Recognizing the value of people being able to work when they want to do so,

  • Individual impacts on developing, implementing, and advocating for public policies,

  • Diversity and the values thereof, and

  • The belief that everyone is capable of learning and growing and achieving their desired goals.